Back to normal life

After a week for holidays in hainan,beautifull island, i came back to my normal life. Ive been blogging alot these days, specially in twitter. Alot of tutorials to watch, a lot of things to learn and put in practice.Beside this i still have to prepare for my second year computer science study. I want also to start a course with 5 months duraction in a private school about design tools such as photoshop, coreldraw ... as well as css, html,javascript and SEO. Get say that these next 8 months is going to be very tuff.
Im happy with google wave introduced by its developers, and really cant wait to try it.News about facebook lite didnt change my opinion about this social network. Was good when i took a look at "things about facebook that you dont know" I was surprised, when i took a look at top 10 website and there was 4 chinese websites, chinese websites come after usa in terms of web presence.Cool.
Loved the new concept of art director introducing some good examples of designer that been following that aspect. I liked, a inspired web designer who fascinated me with his imagination.

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