100 + personalidades - obras mais influentes de todos os tempos

E uma lista feita pelo webdesigner Depot a web design blog. Apesar de nem toda a gente concordar com a lista no seu completo, pois existem personalidades que deveriam ser incluidas, tais como Mao Ze Dong,the tank man, pele, Julius Cezar, Bruce Lee, Barack Obama, Socrates etc, contudo a maioria concordamos. Uma lista de inspiracoes de pessoas que contribuiram nos seus tempos para o mundo que temos hoje.
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Mia said...

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Carlos Gomes said...

Yeap, i think ill love the irresistible! I can do all the setup and make it as i want, background link, and others, no prob. Just send me by email. I loved the first template, owesome.

Mia said...

yes, the first template is awesome especially for a guy . I'll send you the Irresistable Carlos , but you need to know that the original theme such as the one I have now - which is perfectly converted , has 2 pages : a HOME PAGE URL & a BLOG PAGE URL. You will have some difficulty in the configuration of setting up the widgets in order to make them appear on both pages - because this is a Wordpress feature & in Blogger its even harder. Now I know why Klodian didnt want to convert this theme - no Blogger would be able to do it ! If you need help message me @ my email address . before you do anything after you upload it to your Blogger - READ the Instructions text ! but even that wont tell you how to make the widgets appear on both pages , but as I said L message me if you dont know what to do.

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